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Frequent Asked Questions About Our Christmas Lights Installation

How much will it cost to have our lights and decoration installed and taken down?

Each property is a custom Christmas light installation, therefore a set price is not available. We have many clients that have expanded their custom designs each year. Many have started with simply outlining the roof line along the fascia boards, then the next year adding roof ridge line lighting, then window and/or entry-way lighting, and continuing to expand by having trees wrapped with lighting, and yard art installed. This way, as their family grew, so did their decorations.


Do we rent, lease or own the lighting and decorations?

The custom quote includes the price all lighting, decorations, installation, and servicing for the season. You will never be stuck with old worn out decorations, or lighting that does not work. With our program, the lighting and decorations are automatically replaced when necessary. Also, each season that you renew, you have the option to change lighting color if desired.


What happens if some lights stop working, or burn out?

Our quote includes our service warranty. We will replace any bulbs or strands that do not work or burn out.


Is there a difference between the decorations that Southern Lights installs, and the decorations that you buy at the store?

Yes, there is certainly a difference. The decorations that we install are commercial grade decorations. Additionally, the light strings are cut to the exact dimensions to fit your custom installation.


Will Southern Lights install lights and decorations that you own?

No, we cannot warrant the quality or workmanship of any decorations that we do not supply.


Can I plug my own decorations and additional lights into the decorations and lighting installed by Southern Lights?

No, for many reasons. The primary reason, is for safety. An electrical circuit can only supply a certain amount of amperage and wattage safely. In many cases, the circuit will be at its safety limit with the decorations we provide. Any additional items plugged into the circuit could overload the circuit, causing the circuit-breaker to trip, or over heat and possible fire. Plugging in any other items onto a circuit used by Southern Lights will void our service warranty.


Will an electrician be needed?

In most cases, No! However, for larger designs, additional circuits may be necessary.


How far in advance of the holiday season should you get your custom quote?

Southern Lights will begin Christmas light installation and decoration for the holiday at the end of October or early November. The installation days will fill quickly with existing and new clients. Additionally, the weather can delay our installations. We schedule our Christmas light installation on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, the earlier that you decide to proceed, the better the availability of installation times will be.


Do you need to be home for the installation?

For exterior Christmas light installations, it is usually not necessary for the client to be home.


When are the decorations and lighting taken down?

Southern Lights will begin taking down the decorations and lighting of all clients on January 2, weather provided. You will be notified 24 hours in advance our your scheduled time.


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